Bosch 66 L Black Built-in Oven

Bosch HBF534EB0T 66 L Black Built-in Oven

  • Cleaning System: EcoClean Direct rear panel
  • AddedSteam: No
  • Telescopic Rails: Yes
  • SoftCloseDoor: No
  • Number of Heating and Combination Modes: 8
  • Color: Stainless Steel


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The Bosch HBF534EB0T 66 L Black Built-in Oven allows you to easily control your oven and clock with its touch-sensitive red LED screen. It offers a more stylish design with its flush-mounted buttons and makes front panel cleaning easier.

The EcoClean Direct feature, thanks to its special coating, cleans the rear wall of the oven, requiring you to spend almost no time on cleaning.

With the 1-level telescopic shelf, you can safely and easily place and remove your trays. It is also an ideal option for cooking frozen pizzas.

  • Color: Anthracite Gray
  • Screen Type: Button-Controlled Red LED Screen
  • Number of Heating and Combination Modes: 8
  • Cooking Methods: Bottom Heating, Large Area Vario Grill, Defrost, Precise HotAir, Conventional Heating, Pizza Settings, Hot Air, Hot Air Circulation Grill
  • Temperature Range: 50-275 °C
  • AddedSteam: No
  • Cleaning System: EcoClean Direct Rear Panel
  • Telescopic Shelf: 1-Level Telescopic Rail
  • Oven Interior Volume: 66 Liters
  • Safety Features: Child Safety Lock
  • Integrated Accessories: 1 x Enamel Tray, 1 x Combination Wire Grill, 1 x Universal Tray
  • Detachable Door Glass: Yes

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