ÇEBA 1000S PowerTank

ÇEBA CB-EPS-EU 1000Ws PowerTank

  • 1000Wh Capacity
  • LED Display
  • Multiple Output Interfaces
  • 1048W High Power
  • Safety Certification
  • Versatile Charging Options


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The ÇEBA 1000Ws PowerTank offers high capacity and versatility as a portable power source, delivering superior performance and reliability to its users. This article highlights the key features of the ÇEBA 1000Ws PowerTank and the impact of these features on various electronic devices.

Key Features

1000Wh Capacity

  • High Capacity: With a capacity of 1000Wh (Watt-hour), the ÇEBA 1000Ws PowerTank stores enough energy for long-term use. This capacity ensures uninterrupted operation of critical devices during power outages or outdoor activities.

LED Display

  • Informative Screen: The LED screen allows users to instantly obtain information about the battery status, output power, and other important details. This feature enables users to effectively monitor the device’s performance.

Multiple Output Interfaces

  • Various Connection Options: The ÇEBA 1000Ws PowerTank has multiple output interfaces to charge and operate various devices. With USB ports, AC outputs, and DC outputs, you can easily connect smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and even a car refrigerator.

1048W High Power

  • High Power Output: With a high power output of 1048W, the ÇEBA 1000Ws PowerTank can seamlessly operate even devices with high energy requirements. This feature allows users to safely operate multiple devices simultaneously.

Safety Certification

  • Reliability: The ÇEBA 1000Ws PowerTank is certified to international safety standards. This guarantees the safe use of the device, allowing users to connect their devices with peace of mind.

Compatibility with Various Devices and Charging Methods

Car Refrigerator: Provides the necessary energy to operate a portable car refrigerator, keeping your food and drinks cold during travel.

Smartphones: USB ports allow you to quickly and safely charge your smartphones.

Laptops and Tablets: Both AC outputs and USB ports make it easy to charge laptops and tablets, ensuring uninterrupted work.

Camera: Cameras and camcorders benefit greatly from this power source, especially during outdoor shoots.

Charging Methods:

  • Car Charger: Provides a full charge in approximately 8-10 hours.
  • Wall Charger: Provides a full charge in approximately 6-7 hours.
  • Solar Panel (Optional): Provides a full charge in approximately 12-14 hours, offering an eco-friendly option.


  1. 1000Wh Capacity
    • Provides long-term energy storage.
  2. LED Display
    • Shows remaining power time and total output power.
  3. Multiple Output Interfaces
    • DC Outputs: When the DC button is pressed, the icon will appear, and the DC port will be operational.
    • USB Outputs: When the USB button is pressed, the icon will appear, and the USB port will be operational.
    • TYP-C Outputs: When the TYP-C cable is plugged in and there is a load, the icon will automatically appear.
  4. AC Output Frequency
    • Displays “50Hz” and “60Hz” indicating the corresponding frequency of the AC output.
    • Change the frequency by pressing the AC switch three times in succession.
  5. High Temperature Protection
    • High temperatures affect the charging and discharging cycle of the battery.
    • If the battery temperature is too high, charging and discharging will stop, and the temperature icon will be displayed.
  6. LED Flashlight
    • When the LED is off, press the button to cycle through low, strong, SOS, and off modes.
  7. DC Input
    • Supports AC Adapter Charging.
    • Supports Car Charger Charging.
    • Supports Solar Panel Charging (12-24V).

Usage Instructions

  • Power Button: Press the button to turn on, press again to turn off.

What’s in the Box?

  • Power Station
  • Power Adapter
  • Car Charger Cable
  • Instructions

Additional Features

  • Safety Certification: Complies with international safety standards.
  • LED Display: Provides real-time information on remaining power time and total output power.
  • Quark Scanner: Offers extremely fast scanning and high efficiency.

These features make the ÇEBA 1000Ws PowerTank ideal for both home and outdoor use. The wide range of connection options and safety measures ensure that you can use your devices securely.

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