Electrolux 1600 RPM 10 KG + 6 KG Washer Dryer

Electrolux PerfectCare 800 EW8WN261BT 1600 RPM 10 KG + 6 KG Washer Dryer


  • UltraCare System
  • Water Overflow Safety
  • Child Lock
  • Condenser drying feature
  • Ensures safe washing of delicate woolen and sensitive clothes, preventing any damage
  • Adjusts the duration and energy consumption according to the laundry


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Electrolux PerfectCare 800 EW8WN261BT 1600 RPM 10 KG + 6 KG Washer Dryer

It features a white color and a user-friendly design. With its solo drying capability, you can quickly dry your laundry. It has a functional design with a washing capacity of 10 kilograms and a drying capacity of 6 kilograms, along with a spin speed of 1600 RPM. Its dimensions are 847 mm in height, 597 mm in width, and 636 mm in depth.


Condenser drying feature eliminates the need for a vent connection, making it more convenient.

The washing machine ensures the safe washing of delicate woolen and sensitive clothes with the DualCare system, preventing any damage.

The machine comes with a feature that allows you to adjust the program duration based on the type and quantity of clothes, enabling efficient water and energy consumption.

UltraCare System

It is equipped with UltraCare technology, which mixes detergent and fabric softener with water before reaching the clothes. This enables washing the garments at lower temperatures, resulting in softer clothes.

Water Overflow Safety

The washing machine has a water overflow safety feature that automatically stops the machine and drains the water in case of a potential leakage. This ensures a high level of safety during usage.

Child Lock

The washing machine is equipped with a child lock system, preventing children from tampering with the machine’s settings and door. The child lock ensures safer and more convenient usage.

Noise Level: 76 dBA

Child Lock: Available

Energy Efficiency Class: E (New Energy Efficiency Class)

Wash Delay: Available

Spin Speed: 1600 RPM

Drying Feature: Available

Width: 59.7 CM

Time Remaining Display: Available

Height: 84.7 CM

Depth: 63.6 CM

Washing Capacity: 10 KG

Weight: 81 KG

Usage Type: Solo

Color: White

Quick Wash: Available

Drum Volume: 69 L

Dimensions: H84.7 x W59.7 x D63.6 CM.

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