Electrolux 4-Door Wardrobe-Style Refrigerator

Electrolux LLI9VF54X0 4-Door Wardrobe-Style Refrigerator

  • Stay connected. Control your refrigerator from your smartphone.
  • TwinTech® No Frost prevents food from drying out.
  • Automatic freshness provided by TasteLock.
  • Adjustable storage space with CustomFlex®


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Electrolux LLI9VF54X0 4-Door Wardrobe-Style Refrigerator

The Electrolux LLI9VF54X0 refrigerator offers flexibility in storing food under ideal conditions, with its 900 MultiSwitch refrigerator compartment that allows you to independently adjust the temperature between -18°C to 7°C. It can also be controlled from your smartphone.

Stay connected. Control your refrigerator from your smartphone.

The My Electrolux Kitchen App allows you to easily control your refrigerator from your smartphone. You can check the refrigerator’s temperature, receive notifications if the door is left open, and access tips for optimal refrigerator performance.

TwinTech® No Frost prevents food from drying out

TwinTech® No Frost is an intelligent dual cooling system that retains the moisture in your food. It goes beyond the standard total No Frost; it cools the refrigerator and freezer independently. The freezer does not frost up. The refrigerator maintains the right level of humidity and provides a 60% reduction in food loss with TwinTech® No Frost.

TasteLock for automatic freshness

TasteLock® keeps your food nutritious, delicious, and maintains their colors. It features a sealed drawer with an automatic humidity control membrane in the refrigerator compartment. It keeps your food fresh and tasty even after days.

Preserve flavors at their best with MultiFlow

Food is best preserved with MultiFlow. This technology maintains a balanced temperature inside your refrigerator, preventing your food from drying out. It also creates an environment that keeps your food tasty until your next shopping trip.

Adjustable storage space with CustomFlex®

CustomFlex® offers the freedom to arrange your refrigerator space as you like. You can modify this space according to your needs with the movable shelves of various sizes on the door. The shelves can be easily removed for cleaning.


  • Automatic defrost in the freezer compartment.
  • Automatic defrost in the refrigerator compartment.
  • Water dispenser.
  • Fast freezing function: The fast freezing function ensures the perfect preservation of the vitamins, flavors, and appearance of fresh food.
  • Fast cooling function: The fast cooling function quickly provides the desired cooling temperature.
  • Audible and visual high-temperature alarm.
  • Audible and visual open door alarm.
  • Freezer lighting: Internal LED.
  • Refrigerator lighting: Internal LED on the side and ceiling.
  • Refrigerator shelves: 1 Full Width + 1 Flexi shelf, Glass, and 1 bottle rack.
  • Freezer drawers: 1 Maxi Drawer with divider + 1 Slide Drawer, 1 drawer (door) – French door.
  • Refrigerator drawers: 2, Half size, Transparent plastic.
  • Special refrigerator drawers: TasteLock.
  • Bottle rack: Storing bottles horizontally in the refrigerator is the best way, and thanks to the stylish, balanced, and space-saving bottle rack, unused space under the glass shelves is also effectively utilized.
  • Reversible door hinge: Right and left.
  • Adjustable feet.


  • Deep Freezer Compartment Cooling Technology: No Frost.
  • Total net capacity (L): 617.
  • Storage time during power outages (hours): 14.
  • Open door alarm: Sound With Switch Off Function.


  • Cable length (m): 2.5.
  • Product feet: Adjustable feet, Fixed wheels.
  • Voltage (V): 220-240.
  • Furniture dimensions H x W x D (mm):
  • Gross weight: 154.007.


  • Energy efficiency class: F.
  • Annual energy consumption (kWh): 412.
  • Net refrigerator compartment capacity (L): 378.
  • Net deep freezer compartment capacity (L): 239.
  • Freezing capacity (kg/24 hrs): 11.
  • Noise class: D.
  • Climate Class: SN-N-ST-T.


  • PNC (Product Number Code): 925 060 626.
  • Product Model Code: LLI9VF54X0.
  • Product dimensions (H x W x D – cm): 1746x913x749.
  • Refrigerator Compartment Cooling Technology: No Frost.
  • Control type: Electronic touch.
  • Color: Silver body and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel door.
  • Product Partner Code: All Open.

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