“ELECTROLUX 8 kg 1200 RPM Washing Machine”

Electrolux EW6F4822AB 8 kg 1200 RPM Washing Machine

  • Width (cm): 59.6
  • Height (cm): 84.7
  • Depth (cm): 7
  • Dryer: No
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1200
  • Washing Capacity: 8 kg


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Leave the Selection of the Washing Program to Us

• The SensCare system preserves the color of your clothes up to 2 times longer than other washing machines. It determines the quantity and type of clothing, washing at the most suitable temperature and time. This way, it doesn’t damage your clothes and preserves their lifespan.

With the Extra Soft function, it allows the softener used to penetrate deeper into the clothes by dispersing, providing the best softness performance. Additionally, it performs an extra rinse after washing to thoroughly remove any detergent and softener residues.

The Steam Anti-Allergy Program sets and maintains the washing water temperature at a higher level for perfect cleanliness, eliminating all microbes. At the same time, detergent residues and allergens disappear with the Steam Anti-Allergy program.

With the Eco TimeManager feature, the selected washing program can be accelerated by up to 5 levels. This feature ensures that even in cases where laundry needs to be done urgently, it doesn’t compromise on cleanliness.

Additional Features:

Product Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 54.7 cm Annual Energy Consumption (kWh): 190.0 Annual Water Consumption (lt/year): 9999 Washing / Spinning Noise Level (dB): 58 / 79 Steam Wash: Yes

The package of the device includes connection attachments, user manual, and warranty certificate.

100 Years of Experience in White Goods Technology

Founded in Switzerland in 1919, the Electrolux Group’s headquarters are located in Stockholm. The company, with 100 years of technology production experience, owns brands such as Electrolux, Frigidaire, Anova, AEG, Zanussi, and Westinghouse. The company produces home technology products and serves both individual users and professionals, selling more than 60 million products from various categories in over 150 countries every year. Today, considered one of the world’s leading white goods companies, Electrolux produces and serves with the principle of “making life easier and more enjoyable.”

Save Energy and Time

With the Fuzzy Logic technology that can determine the most suitable program according to the level of dirt and fabric type, together with the appropriate amount of water and energy for the laundry, it can also determine the program duration automatically. Thanks to this feature, you can save both energy and water, and get rid of the trouble of choosing the most economical and effective program according to the laundry.

Manage Your Time with Delay Start Feature

With the Delay Start feature of the Electrolux EW6F4822AB 8 kg 1200 RPM Washing Machine, you can decide when the washing will finish. This way, washed clothes do not have to wait in the machine. In cases where you cannot be at home at the end of the program, you can choose the Delay Start feature and determine the time yourself to prevent your clothes from staying wet and getting a bad odor.

Wash Silk Fabrics or Duvets

With the rich program selection of Electrolux EW6F4822AB 8 kg 1200 RPM Washing Machine, you can safely wash cotton, synthetic, silk, and delicate fabrics without causing any damage. Thick fabrics such as duvets can also be washed thanks to the large drum. You can easily select all programs from the digital control panel and even determine the program you want yourself.

  • Spin Noise Level (dB): 79 dB
  • Wash Noise Level (dB): 58 dB
  • EU New Energy Class: E
  • Sound Power Level at Maximum Spin Stage Db(A): 79
  • Height (cm): 84.7 cm
  • Energy Consumption for 100 Revolutions (kWh): 83 kWh
  • Width (cm): 59.6 cm
  • Washing Capacity: 8 kg
  • Spin Efficiency Energy Class: B
  • Color: White
  • Depth (cm): 54.7 cm
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1200 revolutions per minute
  • Sound Power Level at Maximum Spin Stage Class: C
  • Program Duration for Full Capacity: 210 minutes
  • Drying Capacity: None (Not a drying machine)
  • Average Water Consumption per Revolution: 47 liters
  • Additional Features: Pre-wash, Quick Wash, Delay Start
  • Child Lock: Available
  • Steam Wash: Available
  • Control Panel: Digital

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