Electrolux 8 KG Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

Electrolux EW7H458ST PerfectCare 700 A++ 8 KG Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

  • Hardware Quality
  • Special Design
  • Savings Experience
  • Safe Use
  • Ventilation Circulation


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Electrolux EW7H458ST PerfectCare 700 A++ 8 KG Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

Hardware Quality

With its sturdy construction and elegant design, this advanced technology device stands out as the most effective, high-performance, and powerful equipment. It provides a healthy and comfortable user experience by drying your laundry at the desired temperature.

Special Design

It is a clothes dryer with a special design feature that allows your laundry to be dried safely and hygienically without causing any damage. Thanks to its high motor power, you can achieve fast and effective results.

Savings Experience

It is a very practical device model with a self-cleaning automatic structure feature. Not only does it save you the trouble of cleaning the machine, but it also helps you save time and energy consumption, making it budget-friendly for users.

Safe Use

With its special interior equipment and gentle drying performance, it assists you in drying your laundry in a hygienic, healthy, and safe manner.

Ventilation Circulation

It dries fabrics and garments such as sports, classic, clothes, towels, etc., with different programs and ventilation systems. With its high, fast, and short program system, it ensures the safe drying of shirts, blouses, and clothes.

Quiet Operation

You can choose the desired program according to the characteristics of your delicate clothes. This functional device works with the drying heat option and drains the collected water outside during the drying process. This model of the machine does not create noise pollution and offers a practical, comfortable, and trouble-free user experience.

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Noise Level: 66 dBA

Drying Technology: Heat Pump

Energy Class: A++

Display Type: Digital

Width: 59.6 CM

Height: 85 CM

Depth: 63.8 CM

Drying Capacity: 8 KG

Weight: 49 KG

Color: White

Model: EW7H458ST

Dimensions: H85 x W59.6 x D63.8 CM

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