Electrolux 8-Program Built-In Dishwasher

Electrolux EEC87400W 8-Program Built-In Dishwasher

  • Product type: Built-in
  • Number of washing programs: 8
  • Motor type: BLDC Inverter
  • 10-year guaranteed Inverter motor technology: Yes
  • Lower Spray Arm: FlexiSpray Satellite Spray Arm
  • Color: Black
  • Panel color: Black
  • Door color: Not available


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ComfortLift® adjustable lower basket mechanism allows the lower basket to rise to your waist level with a single motion, eliminating the need for bending while loading dishes. You can retract the lower basket back into the machine by pressing a trigger.

Moreover, with Electrolux’s new QuickSelect panel, selecting a dishwasher program becomes easier. You can slide your finger to choose from five different program durations. With the Ekometre feature, you can instantly see the program’s savings level and contribute to sustainability.

The Wi-Fi enabled QuickSelect feature allows you to control the connected dishwasher with your smart device. You can choose when the dishwasher will run, save energy, and access usage summary information through the app.

Additionally, the TimeBeam® feature reflects the remaining time of the program onto the surface beneath the machine, allowing you to easily monitor it. With this feature, you can observe the operating status of your fully integrated dishwasher.


  • Motor type: BLDC Inverter: This indicates the technology used in the motor. BLDC Inverter motors provide quieter operation and energy efficiency.
  • Automatic door opening: Yes: This feature allows the dishwasher door to open automatically, making it easier to use.
  • Capacity: Up to 14 place settings: This indicates the number of dishes, cutlery, etc., the dishwasher can wash in one cycle.
  • Voltage (V): 200-240: The range of electrical voltage required for the dishwasher to operate.
  • Product dimensions (H x W x D) (mm): 818 x 596 x 560: Specifies the height, width, and depth dimensions of the dishwasher.
  • Gross weight: 44.19 kg: Indicates the total weight of the dishwasher including packaging.
  • Energy:
    • Energy efficiency class: C: Indicates the energy efficiency class of the dishwasher. “C” class provides moderate energy efficiency.
    • Energy consumption (Eco 100 use – kW/h): 75: Indicates the energy consumed during a standard 100 washing cycle.
    • Water consumption: 11 litres: Indicates the amount of water consumed during a standard washing cycle.
    • Noise Class: B: Indicates the noise level produced by the dishwasher during operation. “B” class provides quiet operation.
    • Acoustic noise emission (dB(A) re 1 pW): 42 dB: Indicates the noise level produced by the dishwasher during operation.


  • PNC (Product Number Code): 911 438 464: The unique identifier number of the product.
  • Product type: Built-in: Indicates the installation type of the dishwasher. Built-in models are integrated into kitchen cabinets.
  • Number of washing programs: 8: Indicates the number of different washing programs the dishwasher has.
  • 10-year guaranteed Inverter motor technology: Yes: This feature assures the user of the longevity of the inverter motor.
  • Lower Spray Arm: FlexiSpray Satellite Spray Arm: The lower spray arm is a feature designed to effectively wash the bottom of the dishes.
  • Tub type: Stainless steel: Indicates the material of the washing tub inside the dishwasher.
  • Filter type: Stainless steel: Indicates the type of filter used in the dishwasher.
  • AquaControl Hose: Yes: Indicates the presence of a safety hose that detects water leaks.
  • Overflow protection: Yes: Indicates that the dishwasher has a safety measure to prevent overflow.
  • Height-adjustable upper basket when full: Yes: Indicates the ability to adjust the height of the upper basket when it is full.
  • Possibility of connecting to hot water: Yes: Indicates the ability of the dishwasher to connect to a hot water supply.
  • Furniture dimensions (H x W x D): 818 x 600 x 560 mm: Specifies the external dimensions of the machine.
  • Product Partner Code: ER Open: Indicates the partner code of the product.

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