Electrolux AirDry 6 Program Dishwasher

Electrolux ESF5534LOX AirDry 6 Program 13-Person Dishwasher

  • Front display panel
  • Low noise level
  • New Energy Class E
  • AirDry feature


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Electrolux ESF5534LOX AirDry 6 Program 13-Person Dishwasher

With its advanced features, this dishwasher offers the possibility of long-term use and contributes to energy and water savings with its 6 different washing programs.


Suitable for large families with its 13-person capacity. The front display panel provides convenience in determining the washing time and program. Can be operated comfortably at any time of the day due to its low noise level.

Advantageous Use

Its spacious interior allows for the cleaning of a large number of dishes at the same time. It has a cutlery basket for organized use. The adjustable upper basket feature provides an advantage when placing the dishes. With 6 programs, it offers different alternatives based on the amount and intensity of the dishes. The AirDry feature allows the dishes to dry with air after the washing process is complete.

Maximum Performance

With a water consumption of 9900 ml, it optimizes water savings. Being part of the new Energy Class E, it keeps electricity consumption under control. It has a practical rinse aid indicator. The delayed start option allows you to start the machine at any desired time.

Excellent Design

The Inox color option harmonizes with the environment while providing an aesthetic look. It doesn’t take up much space with its dimensions of 85x60x62.5 cm. It weighs 48 kg. With a 47 dB noise level, it doesn’t create excessive noise during operation. The LED display feature allows you to check the remaining time.


Cutlery Basket: Available

Half Load Wash: Not available

Noise Level: 47 dBA

Adjustable Upper Basket: Available

Energy Efficiency Class: E (New Energy Efficiency Class)

Delay Start: Available

Salt Indicator: Available

Width: 59.6 CM

Capacity: 13 People

Remaining Time Indicator: Available

Height: 85 CM

Depth: 62.5 CM

Number of Programs: 6

Water Consumption: 9.9 L

Rinse Aid Indicator: Available

Weight: 48 KG

Usage Type: Solo

Color: Inox

Model: ESF5534LOX

Dimensions: H85 x W60 x D62.5 CM.

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