Electrolux Black Induction Built-in Cooktop

Electrolux LIB60420CK Black Induction Built-in Cooktop

  • Frniture Dimensions (H x W x D mm): x560x490
  • Product Dimensions (W x D mm): 590×520
  • Color: Black
  • Hob Type: Induction
  • Cable Length (m): 1.5
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V/400V2


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Product Details The 300 Induction Cooktop heats up faster, as there’s no gas or coil for pre-heating, allowing cooking zones to rapidly reach high temperatures. This results in water boiling quicker than usual. It provides immediate response when adjusting the heat, ensuring precise control.

Easy, Fast, and Safe – Induction Induction technology transfers heat quickly and precisely to the right spot, keeping the surrounding areas cool and safe. Additionally, it responds instantly to temperature changes. Its smooth surface makes cleaning effortless.

Control at Your Fingertips Bid farewell to guesswork in cooking with the Induction Touch Control Panel. Adjusting temperatures via the touch-sensitive glass surface enables easy increase or decrease in heat. Its absence of protruding knobs makes cleaning hassle-free.

Secure Your Cooking Settings The function lock feature on the cooktop preserves your cooking settings even if the control panel is accidentally touched. This way, you can comfortably clean any spilled food while the cooking process continues.

  • Features
    • Induction hob
    • Touch control: A control panel that allows adjustment of functions and power levels by gently pressing and due to its flat surface, it’s very easy to clean.
    • Control panel location: Front right
    • Illuminated control panel
    • Induction cooking zones with booster function
    • Detection of cookware
    • Left front cooking zone: Induction, 2200/2400W/210mm
    • Left rear cooking zone: Induction, 1400/1500W/145mm
    • Middle front cooking zone: None
    • Middle rear cooking zone: None
    • Right front cooking zone: Induction, 1400/1500W/145mm
    • Right rear cooking zone: Induction, 1700/1800W/180mm
    • Key lock: The control panel can be locked at any time to prevent accidental changes to the settings you have selected.
    • Child safety function: Integrated into the hob, preventing accidental operation by children and protecting them from potential burn risks.
    • Hob safety features:
      • Residual heat indicator: For complete safety assurance, we have added temperature indicators to the electronics of our vitroceramic hobs. The remaining burn indicator alerts you until the cooking surface temperature drops to a safe level, warning you against potential hazards.
    • Quick and easy installation: We have developed a new mounting method that allows your hob to easily and smoothly fit into the countertop. With this new method, placing the hob becomes possible in a single step.
    • Color:
      • Black
  • Performance
    • Hob type: Induction
    • Installation
      • Product dimensions (W x D mm): 590×520
      • Cable length (m): 1.5
      • Voltage (V): 220-240V/400V2N
      • ColorEnglish: Black
      • Gross weight: 9.6
  • Other
    • PNC (Product Number Code): 949 492 519
    • Furniture dimensions (H x W x D mm): x560x490
    • Color: Black
    • Product Partner Code: All Open

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