Electrolux Bottom Freezer NoFrost Refrigerator

Electrolux LNT5ME32U1 Bottom Freezer NoFrost Refrigerator

  • Flavors at Their Peak with MultiFlow
  • Sleek, Elegant Flat Door Design
  • Effortless Control with Touch Electronic Controls


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Electrolux LNT5ME32U1 Bottom Freezer NoFrost Refrigerator

600 TwinTech® No Frost Refrigerator: The 600 TwinTech® No Frost Refrigerator preserves the natural juices of food up to 60% better than single evaporator models. The dual cooling system maintains the ideal humidity, preventing food from drying out. Additionally, there’s no need to defrost the freezer.*

TwinTech Technology for Better Preservation: With TwinTech technology, the natural juices and moisture of food are preserved up to 60% better.* TwinTech® No Frost eliminates the need to defrost the freezer. The dual cooling system, compared to single evaporator refrigerators, safeguards food juices by 60% more.* It maintains the ideal humidity level in the freezer, preventing food from drying out.*

*Based on a 9-day humidity level measurement comparison test conducted internally between single evaporator and TwinTech Technology refrigerators.

Flavors at Their Peak with MultiFlow: Food is best stored with MultiFlow. This technology maintains a balanced temperature inside your refrigerator, preventing your food from drying out. It creates an environment that keeps food delicious until your next shopping.

Sleek, Elegant Flat Door Design: The superior appearance of this refrigerator complements any kitchen perfectly. With its completely flat design, this stylish refrigerator seamlessly blends with your other kitchen appliances and countertops. The pocket handles discreetly located at the bottom of the door add to the elegant aesthetic.

Effortless Control with Touch Electronic Controls: Touch Electronic Controls provide easy access to the refrigerator’s settings and functions, allowing you to manage the temperature according to your needs effortlessly. Absolute control is at your fingertips.


  • Automatic defrost in the freezer compartment
  • Automatic defrost in the refrigerator compartment
  • Fast freezing function: The fast freezing function ensures the perfect preservation of the vitamins, flavors, and appearance of fresh foods.
  • Fast cooling function: The fast cooling function quickly achieves the desired cooling temperature.
  • Independent temperature settings for the refrigerator and freezer
  • Refrigerator lighting: LED on the top panel
  • Refrigerator shelves: 2 pieces, White Plastic
  • Freezer drawers: 2 full-size + 1 half-depth, Transparent plastic
  • Refrigerator drawers: 1 full-size drawer, 1 Pull Out Drawer
  • Special refrigerator drawers: No Trims
  • Door hinge side: Right (reversible door direction)
  • Adjustable feet


  • Freezer Compartment Cooling Technology: No Frost
  • Total net capacity (liters): 330
  • Open door alarm: Audible warning for the refrigerator
  • Storage time during power outages (hours): 10


  • Cable length (m): 2.5
  • Product feet: Adjustable feet, Wheels
  • Voltage (V): 220-240
  • Connection load (W): 197
  • Furniture dimensions H x W x D (mm): –
  • Gross weight: 68.5


  • Energy efficiency class: E
  • Annual energy consumption (kWh): 250
  • Refrigerator compartment net volume (liters): 230
  • Freezer compartment net volume (liters): 101
  • Freezing capacity (kg/24 h): 8
  • Noise class: C
  • Climate Class: SN-N-ST-T


  • PNC (Product Number Code): 925 993 526
  • Product Model Code: LNT5ME32U1
  • Product dimensions (H x W x D – cm): 1860x595x650
  • Refrigerator Compartment Cooling Technology: Dynamic
  • Compressor warranty: 10 years compressor warranty
  • Compressor type: Inverter Compressor
  • Control type: Touch electronic control
  • Color: Gray and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel look
  • Product Partner Code: All Open.

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