• Boil Sensor Keeps Boiling Water in Check
  • You can connect the hob to the hood wirelessly with the Hob2Hood® function.
  • Direct touch control for each area
  • Infinite self-sizing zones are tailored to the size of your pans


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700 SenseBoil® Induction Cooktop

The 700 SenseBoil® Induction Cooktop ensures that boiling water won’t spill over. It detects when the water reaches its boiling point and adjusts the temperature to prevent spills while maintaining a steady boil. This allows you to focus on creating delicious meals without the need to constantly monitor boiling water.

Control Boiling Water with Boil Sensor

The Boil Sensor detects whether the water in your pot has reached its boiling point. Its temperature control and gentle simmering feature prevent the water from bubbling over, ensuring a stable boiling process. This allows you to concentrate on preparing creative dishes.

Hob2Hood® – Focus on Cooking Alone

With the Hob2Hood® function, you can wirelessly connect your cooktop to your hood. You start cooking, and it automatically adjusts itself to provide the most efficient ventilation based on your cooktop settings. Let it handle the kitchen work while you concentrate on cooking.

Combine Burners with Bridge Function for Extra Cooking Space

The Bridge function allows you to use two separate cooking zones as one large surface. With automatic temperature and time settings, it creates an ideal environment for plancha products or roasting pans.

Direct Touch Controls for Each Zone

Easily adjust your cooktop’s temperature with direct touch controls. Each cooking zone has its individual power control, making it easy to view and modify heat settings. With a smooth surface, it’s easy to clean.

Infinite Auto-sizing Zones for Pans of Any Size

Infinite auto-sizing cooking zones adapt to the size of your pans from the moment they are placed on the cooktop. These zones provide full coverage of heat without performance loss, regardless of your pan’s size. Enjoy precise and efficient cooking with our auto-sizing zones.


  • Induction Cooktop
  • Direct Access: The way to reach the desired temperature directly. Electrolux is looking for solutions that make your daily life easier, save you time, and deliver the best results in the kitchen. Electrolux Direct Access cooktops are designed with this in mind. With Direct Access cooktops, you not only enjoy the benefits of induction, one of the modern cooking techniques of today, but also experience the comfort of the newly developed control panel, which is the most convenient way to choose the desired cooking level.

Control Panel Placement: Right Front

  • Illuminated Control Panel
  • Induction Cooking Zones with Booster Function
  • Pot Detection
  • Left Front Cooking Zone: Induction, 2300/3200 W – 210 mm
  • Left Rear Cooking Zone: Induction, 2300/3200 W – 210 mm
  • Middle Front Cooking Zone: Induction, 1400/2500W/145mm
  • Middle Rear Cooking Zone: None
  • Right Front Cooking Zone: None
  • Right Rear Cooking Zone: Induction, 2300/3600W/240mm

Automatic Heating: In a product with automatic heating, the cooking surface is heated to the maximum level for a while (depending on the selected cooking level) and then automatically reduced to the selected temperature level.

Key Lock: You can lock the control panel at any time to prevent accidental changes to your chosen settings.

Child Safety Function: Child safety is one of the main safety systems integrated into the cooktop. It prevents your children from accidentally turning on the cooktop and protects them from the risk of burns.

Cooktop Safety:

  • OffSound Control: This function allows you to turn off the audible signals of standard functions other than alarms or safety-related audible signals.
  • Complete Control at Every Second of the Cooking Process: Timing is everything, especially when it comes to cooking. With the CountUp timer, you have the opportunity to monitor the cooking process even more closely.
  • Efficient Heat Use with EcoTimer™: Eco timer allows you to use your resources in the most efficient way. It turns off the cooktop just before your preset cooking time ends, ensuring that the residual heat is used in the final minutes of cooking. This saves energy and reduces your electricity bill.
  • Timer Function
  • CleverHeat™ Function: 3-step residual heat control function
  • Quick and Easy Installation: We have developed a new installation method that allows your cooktop to fit easily and seamlessly on the countertop. With this new method, placing the cooktop is possible in a single step.

Color: Black


  • Cooktop Type: Induction


  • Product Dimensions W x D (mm): 780×520
  • Cable Length (m): 1.5
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V/400V2N
  • Color: Black
  • Gross Weight: 12.7


  • PNC: 949 596 972
  • Furniture Dimensions H x W x D (mm): x750x490
  • Color: Black
  • Product Partner Code: E – Generic Partner All.

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