Electrolux Built-In No Frost Refrigerator with Freezer

Electrolux LNT8TE18S3 Built-In No Frost Refrigerator

  • Fully integrated built-in refrigerator
  • Automatic defrost in the freezer compartment
  • Automatic defrost in the refrigeration compartment
  • Dynamic air cooling
  • Quick cooling function


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Electrolux LNT8TE18S3 Built-In No Frost Refrigerator

Healthy Meal Center

The 700 GreenZone refrigerator’s sealed drawer creates a separate environment, maintaining the ideal moisture level. By keeping the moisture at the right level, it preserves vitamins up to 95% for 11 days.

Preserving Nutritional Value for Fruits and Vegetables

The GreenZone drawer prevents excess moisture, maintaining the correct humidity level for your fruits and vegetables. By keeping the moisture at the right level, it preserves vitamins up to 95% for 11 days.

TwinTech® No Frost Preserves Food Moisture and Juices

With TwinTech® No Frost, there’s no need to defrost the freezer. The dual cooling system preserves food’s natural juices up to 60% more than refrigerators that use a single evaporator. It maintains the ideal humidity level and prevents food from drying out by not using dry air in the freezer.

Consistent Coldness with DynamicAir

DynamicAir ensures a consistent temperature inside your refrigerator. It allows cold air to circulate inside the fridge, providing protection against warming even when the door is opened.

  • Product Model Code: LNT8TE18S3
  • Energy Efficiency Class: E
  • Annual Energy Consumption (kW/h): 216
  • Product Dimensions (H x W x D – cm): 1772 x 546 x 549
  • Deep Freezer Compartment Cooling Technology: No Frost
  • Refrigeration Compartment Cooling Technology: Fan Assisted Static
  • Control Type: Touch Electronic Control
  • Color: White
  • Total Net Interior Volume (lt): 256
  • Refrigeration Compartment Net Interior Volume (lt): 194
  • Deep Freezer Compartment Net Interior Volume (lt): 62
  • Freezing Capacity (kg/24 hrs): 7
  • Storage Time During Power Outages (Hours): 9.5
  • Open Door Alarm: Visual Warning, Sound With Switch Off Function
  • Noise Class: B
  • Cable Length (m): 2.4
  • Climate Class: SN-N-ST-T
  • Voltage (V): 230-240
  • Connection Load (W): 120

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