Electrolux Built-In Oven

Electrolux EOA5220AOV Built-In Oven

  • Cooking: Convection cooking
  • Capacity (L): 72
  • Color: Cream
  • Electronic Functions: Acoustic signal, End of program, Timer setting
  • Temperature Range Selection: 50°C – 275°C


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A self-cleaning oven that cleans itself

The Catalytic Cleaning feature helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease inside the oven. This self-cleaning technology automatically starts working when the oven reaches a temperature of 250°C, effortlessly eliminating all residues.

Simultaneously cook 3 dishes evenly with UltraFanPlus technology

With the UltraFanPlus fan technology, you can cook 3 dishes simultaneously (2 in compact ovens) evenly without the need to rearrange them. This ensures perfect taste for large gatherings.

Cook more at once with XXL trays, 25% larger than standard

Cook more at once with XXL trays, which are 25% larger than standard ones. The ability to cook on 3 levels at once allows you to prepare enough food for all your guests during crowded gatherings.

Easy-to-clean and removable door with inner glass/glasses

In Electrolux ovens, the inner surface of the door is made entirely of glass. Cleaning the smooth, flat glass is extremely easy. Additionally, the inner glass/glasses of the door can be easily removed without the need for any tools, ensuring practical cleaning.

Your greatest ally for perfect grilling

With the double heating element grill system, you can prepare small portion grills, brown the tops of your dishes, melt grated cheese, and make large portion grills.

  • Built-in oven
  • Homogeneous hot air distribution with circular heating element turbo fan
  • Energy class: A
  • Cooking functions: Bottom heating position, Grill position, Grill + top + fan, Light, Convection cooking, Traditional cooking, Turbo grill position, Pizza position, Dual grill position
  • Simultaneous cooking of 3 trays in turbo fan mode
  • Electronic functions: Acoustic signal, End of program, Timer setting
  • Halogen lighting
  • Catalytic cleaning system to prevent buildup of dirt on the surface
  • Entire glass door inside and easily removable inner door glass for washing
  • Movable upper heating element for easy cleaning
  • Movable upper heating element element for easy cleaning
  • Cooling fan
  • Trays: 1 enamel tray, 1 enamel drip tray
  • Grills: 1 chrome-plated grill shelf

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