Electrolux Built-In Oven

Electrolux EZF5C50X Built-In Oven

  • Cooking Type: Convection cooking
  • Capacity (Liters): 57
  • Color: Fingerprint-resistant inox (stainless steel)
  • Temperature Range: 50°C – 250°C
  • Cleaning: Catalytic material self-arrangement


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Ürün Hakkında Hemen Bilgi Al !

  • urroundCook® Pişirme Teknolojisi; yüksek performanslı fan ve turbo halka ısıtıcı sayesinde pişirme tepsisini sıcak hava ile sarar, yiyeceklerinizin tamamını eşir pişirir. Pişirme esnasında tepsileri çevirmek gerekmez ve her dilimde aynı mükemmel lezzeti sağlar.
    • SurroundCook® Cooking Technology; it wraps the baking tray with hot air through a high-performance fan and a turbo ring heater, ensuring even cooking for your food. There’s no need to rotate the trays during cooking, and it provides consistent perfect flavor in every slice.
  • MultiLevelCooking ile tek seferde birden fazla seviyede pişirin.
    • Cook on multiple levels at once with MultiLevelCooking Technology. It allows for even distribution of hot air throughout the oven, eliminating the need to change the positions of trays or rotate them during cooking.
  • Katalitik Temizleme, Kendi Kendini Temizleyen Fırın.
    • Katalytic Cleaning, Self-Cleaning Oven. Our self-cleaning technology means you can bid farewell to oil and residue buildup. This self-cleaning technology automatically starts working when the oven temperature reaches 250°C. Cleaning your oven is now very easy.
  • LED Zamanlayıcı Ekranımızla Hassas Ayarlar.
    • With our LED timer display, it’s easy to monitor your oven. It allows you to set precise cooking times and keep an eye on your dishes while they cook. It provides you with effortless oven control, allowing you to focus on unleashing your kitchen creativity.
  • Eşit pişirme ile her dilimde aynı lezzet.
    • The even cooking system wraps your baking tray entirely to ensure that each slice is cooked with the same flavor. There’s no need to change the shelf position or flip your meal during the cooking process. It not only enhances time and energy savings but also prevents compromising on flavor.
  • Altın Renginde Sonuçlar İçin Izgara.
    • Grill for Golden Results. Make the most of your grill, from crispy bacon to bubbly mozzarella. It’s perfect for crispy chicken wings and mouth-melting halloumi cheese.

Bu çevirilerde verilen bilgilerin Amerikan İngilizcesinde anlamını yansıtmak için kullanılabilecek terimler kullanılmıştır.

  • Built-in oven
  • Homogeneous heat distribution with circular heating turbo fan
  • Energy class:
  • Cooking functions: Lower heating position, Fan + light, Fan + top + grill + bottom, Grill position, Grill + top, Grill + top + fan, Light, Convection cooking position, Traditional cooking
  • AntiFingerprint inox appearance surface
  • Simultaneous cooking of 2 trays in turbo fan mode
  • Thermotimer oven control
  • Recessed buttons
  • Electronic functions: Acoustic signal, Cooking time, Time setting, Time indicator
  • Catalytic cleaning system preventing the accumulation of dirt on the surface
  • Complete glass door inner surface and easily removable inner door glass for cleaning
  • Cooling fan
  • Trays: 1 enamel tray, 1 enamel drip tray
  • Grills: 1 chrome-plated grill shelf

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