Electrolux Built-in Oven

Electrolux KOCBP39WX Built-in Oven

  • Soft Inside, Crispy Outside
  • Always Spotless with Pyrolytic Cleaning
  • Precision Cooking with Our Food Sensor
  • Smart Kitchen, Your Personalized Assistant


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Electrolux KOCBP39WX Built-in Oven

Discover the Power of Steam with the 700 Series SteamCrisp® Oven. It adds steam to the cooking process, allowing food to be cooked at lower temperatures without drying out. This creates golden crispy exteriors and juicy interiors.

Soft Inside, Crispy Outside

Say goodbye to average cooking and hello to SteamCrisp. Ideal for baking and frying, it combines steam and traditional heat to cook food delicately, preventing it from drying out. Taste and texture are enhanced with the power of steam.

Always Spotless with Pyrolytic Cleaning

Thanks to the Smart Pyrolytic Cleaning function, your oven always looks brand new. This self-cleaning system heats the oven to a temperature that turns oil and other residues into ash. All the grease and debris then simply wipe away from the bottom surface, making it easy to keep your oven clean.

Precision Cooking with Our Food Sensor

Achieve perfect results every time with our Food Sensor. By measuring the internal temperature of the food, it precisely monitors the cooking process. It informs you when your dish has reached the desired temperature and automatically finishes the cooking process.

Smart Kitchen, Your Personalized Assistant

Control your oven remotely, discover compatible apps, and get personalized assistance with the My Electrolux Kitchen App. It’s the easiest way to enrich your Smart Kitchen experience.

Intuitive and Functional User Experience – EXCite Touch Control Panel

Whether you’re baking fish or a cake, the EXCite Touch Control Panel makes it easy to adjust your oven settings for perfect results. It guides you through proper usage for finger-licking flavors and ensures you easily benefit from cooking technologies.


Built-in Oven

  • Multifunctional oven enriched with steam functions
  • Energy class: A
  • Cooking functions: Bottom heating, Fan + light, Grill, Top + bottom heating, Top + bottom + fan, Grill + fan, Turbo heater + bottom + fan, Fan cooking
  • Ability to cook on 3 trays simultaneously in Turbo fan mode
  • Rapid heating function: Operates at maximum potential to quickly reach the desired temperature, reducing cooking time and energy consumption
  • Food Sensor
  • Self-cleaning pyrolytic oven
  • Pyrolytic cleaning reminder
  • Automatic temperature suggestion
  • Memory function
  • Weight-sensitive automatic programs: Temperature and cooking time suggestions based on the entered weight
  • Electronic temperature control: Efficiently reaches and maintains the set temperature, achieving successful cooking results with minimal energy consumption
  • Electronic child lock: Prevents accidental activation of the oven
  • Safety shut-off function
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Multilingual oven display
  • Electronic functions: Electronic temperature control, Electronic door lock, Quick heating option, Food Sensor, Automatic shutdown feature for the Food Sensor, Food Sensor with internal temperature display, Automatic shutdown safety (Oven only), Adjustable audible signal, Check Result (Finish Assist by remaining 10% duration), Child lock (when closed), Cleaning reminder, Clock display style in standby mode (2 types), Remote control, Cooking with set time, Cooking by setting time and duration, Encrypted demo mode, Adjustable screen brightness, Display Full-color TFT touch 95x35mm, 160 variety of pre-set cooking programs “Assist” (weight/food sensor), 3 Favorites, 3 pyrolytic programs, 30 languages, Acoustic signal, Application connection control, Time of day, Meal meter for time calculation, Low-temperature cooking with continued warm holding function and FS setting, Key sounds & enable/disable alarm/error sounds (except on/off sound), Language/text display, Main control, Memory of date and time for 3 days, Timer setting, Oven lighting that can be opened and closed (menu + direct access button), Pyrolytic cleaning (3 cycles: quick, normal, intense), Instant temperature display, Residual heat indicator, Use of residual heat, Service information, Shutting off the day’s time in closed position, Temperature suggestion


  • Volume (l): 72
  • Temperature Selection Range: 30°C – 300°C
  • Cleaning: Pyrolytic


  • Door type: Downward Opening Balanced Door, Removable, Soft Closing Door
  • Total electrical load (W): 3390
  • Voltage (V): 220-240
  • Cable length (m): 1.6
  • Product dimensions H x W x D (mm): 594x596x569
  • Furniture dimensions H x W x D (mm): 600x560x550
  • Gross weight: 37.3


  • Product Model Code: KOCBP39WX
  • Cooking: Steam cooking function
  • Color: Stainless Steel

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