• Temperature Selection Range: 30°C – 300°C
  • Cleaning: Pyrolytic
  • Trays: 1 enamel tray, 1 enamel drip tray
  • Grill Type: 1 chrome-coated grill rack
  • Built-in Accessories: 1-Level Telescopic Rail
  • Door Type: Downward-Opening Balanced Door, Removable, Soft-Closing Door
  • Total Power Load (W): 3490


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600 Series SteamBake Built-In Oven

Smart Kitchen, Your Personalized Assistant With My Electrolux Kitchen App, you can remotely control your oven, discover compatible applications, and receive personalized assistance. It’s the easiest way to enhance your Smart Kitchen experience.

Precise Cooking with Our Food Sensor Thanks to our Food Sensor, you can always achieve perfect results. By measuring the internal temperature of the food, you can closely monitor the cooking process. It informs you when your meal has reached the desired temperature and completes the cooking process.

Always Spotless with Pyrolytic Cleaning With the Smart Pyrolytic Cleaning function, your oven always looks brand new. This self-cleaning system heats the oven to a temperature that turns oil and other residues into ash. This way, all the oil and residues fall to the bottom. This makes it easy to clean your oven by just cleaning the bottom.

Convenient Use with the EXPlore LED Display Equipped with Precise Touch Controls Experience a brand new oven usage with the practical touch controls of the EXPlore LED Display. The mobile interface not only provides quick access but also allows you to easily adjust cooking time, temperature, and other functions.

  • Homogeneous heat distribution with a circular heating element turbo fan
  • Energy class: A
  • Cooking functions: Bottom heating, Grill, Top + bottom heating, Top + bottom + fan, Grill + fan, Turbo heating + bottom + fan, Convection, Turbo heating + fan + steam generator
  • Ability to cook 3 trays simultaneously in turbo fan mode
  • Rapid heating function
  • Food sensor
  • Self-cleaning pyrolytic oven
  • Pyrolytic cleaning reminder
  • Automatic temperature recommendation
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Electronic function lock
  • Child lock
  • Safety shutdown function
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Flush-mounted buttons
  • Electronic functions: 3 pyrolytic programs, 45 variety of pre-set cooking programs “Assist,” Acoustic signal, Alarm/error tones, App control, Automatic shutdown safety (Oven only), Adjustable audible signal, Child lock (when closed), Cleaning reminder, Remote control, Cooking by setting time, Cooking by setting time and duration, Countdown, Delayed start (Time delay), Encrypted demo mode, Adjustable display brightness, Door switch for oven interior lighting, Electronic heat control, Electronic door lock, Quick heating option, Food sensor, Meal sensor with automatic shutdown function, Meal sensor with internal temperature display, Food sensor end action adjustable, Function lock (in running mode), Deactivatable key tones menu, Connected menu, Timer, Openable/closable oven lighting (menu+direct access key), Instant temperature display, Residual heat indicator, Service information, Temperature recommendation, Time of day
  • Halogen lighting
  • Oven light that automatically activates when the door is opened
  • Complete glass door interior surface and easily removable inner door glass for cleaning
  • Cooling fan that stops working when the door is opened
  • Cooling fan
  • Trays: 1 enamel tray, 1 enamel drip tray
  • Grills: 1 chrome-coated grill rack
  • Demo mode.

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