Electrolux Cordless Stick Vacuum

Electrolux EER7ALLRGY Ergorapido 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

  • UV Light Bed Cleaning Head
  • Converts to a Handheld Vacuum
  • Durable Battery Power
  • High-Capacity Dustbin.


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Electrolux EER7ALLRGY Ergorapido 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

UV Light Bed Cleaning Head

The cordless vacuum cleaner’s UV Light Bed Cleaning Head has been tested and approved for quickly eliminating bacteria from beds and fabrics. With its ultraviolet rays, it kills these bacteria, ensuring the highest level of hygiene.

Converts to a Handheld Vacuum

Thanks to the easily detachable head of the cordless vacuum, it can also be transformed into a handheld vacuum. This feature allows for effortless cleaning of hard-to-reach places, making the cleaning process more efficient. In larger areas, the head can be reattached to turn it back into a long cordless vacuum for cleaning.

Durable Battery Power

With its lithium turbo power battery, it has twice the working power compared to nickel batteries. This battery allows for longer periods of uninterrupted cleaning. Additionally, the easy-to-replace battery can be quickly charged. The cordless vacuum can run continuously for up to 45 minutes and features a charge indicator light to show when it needs recharging.

BrushRollClean Technology

The BrushRollClean technology allows for easy cleaning of the vacuum’s brush and bristles without any hassle. Simply press a pedal, and the built-in blade starts the cleaning process.

High-Capacity Dustbin

With its 0.5-liter dustbin capacity, the cordless vacuum allows for multiple cleaning sessions without the need for constant emptying. This capacity eliminates the need for frequent dustbin replacements.

Easy-to-Attach and Detach Brush

The easily attachable and detachable brush ensures that the cleaning process with the stick vacuum is flawless. It can be effortlessly removed and reattached with a single button press.

Battery Type: Li-Ion

Operating Time: 45 minutes

Charging Time: 4 hours

Noise Level (dBA): 79

Suction Type: Dry

Dust Capacity: 500 ML

Power (Volt): 18

Washable Filter: Yes.

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