• Put an end to fabric pulls and shape distortions.
  • The SmartSense System perfectly controls the moisture level of your clothes.
  • Achieve excellent drying results at up to two times lower temperatures.
  • Get much more balanced drying with the new Bed Linen XL and Mixed XL programs.
  • It both dries and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses


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Preserve Your Clothes with DelicateCare System

The PerfectCare 800 dryer ensures that even delicate garments maintain their original shape and appearance for an extended period. Drum movements and drying temperatures are customized for each fabric. You can safely dry many garments that are not typically suitable for tumble drying.

Say Goodbye to Fabric Pulls and Shape Distortion

Inverter Motor technology enables the drum to rotate at different speeds and rhythms tailored to each fabric type. Heat sensitivity is adjusted specifically to the fabric type. Your garments that require special care are perfectly preserved.

(Comparison made with air drying for wool garments).

Perfectly Control Moisture with SmartSense System

The SmartSense System ensures perfect control of your garments’ moisture levels throughout the program. As soon as the desired dryness is achieved, the program ends immediately, preventing garments from coming out damp or being damaged.

Achieve Excellent Drying Results at Lower Temperatures

The GentleCare System, thanks to Heat Pump technology, dries laundry at a lower temperature in approximately the same time as standard machines. Your garments are not exposed to high heat, extending their lifespan and preserving their shape.

(Compared to the drying temperature in traditional dryers).

Balanced Drying with New Bed Linen XL and Mixed XL Programs

The enhanced capacities of the new Bed Linen XL and Mixed XL programs, along with OptiFlow air circulation technology, provide much more balanced drying for mixed loads and bed linens. It prevents localized dampness in challenging loads.

Dries and Eliminates 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses

The Hygiene program maintains the temperature above 60°C for a certain period, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It provides both drying and hygiene for your health.


  • Loading Capacity: 9.0 kg
  • Heat Pump Heat Pump Technology: Unique energy-saving technology with Heat Pump.
  • Moisture Sensor: Activates when laundry reaches the desired dryness level and stops the machine.
  • Time-Controlled Additional Drying Programs
  • Two-Way Drying System for More Even and Wrinkle-Free Drying: The two-way drying system loosens clothes, minimizing wrinkles.
  • Display Type: Touchscreen LCD
  • Delayed Start Function
  • Drying Status Indicators: Drying, Cooling, Iron Dry, Cupboard Dry, Extra Dry, Wrinkle Release / Program End
  • Other Indicators: Filter, Water Tank, Condenser
  • Interior Lighting: Interior lighting that allows for optimal visibility inside the drum.
  • Condensation Tank Location and Capacity: Panel left recycled, 5.32 l
  • Feet: Adjustable feet


  • Drying Noise Level IEC 704-3 (dB): 0


  • Condensation Efficiency at Full & Half Load %: 85
  • Cotton Eco Program Duration at Full & Half Load (min): 177
  • Product Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 850x596x638
  • Depth Max, mm: 662
  • Net Weight (kg): 47
  • Gross Weight: 49.5
  • Required Fuse (A): 5
  • Door Type: Right (reversible door direction)
  • Cable Length (m): 1.45
  • Voltage (V): 230
  • Product Feet: Adjustable feet
  • Connection Load (W): 700


  • Energy Efficiency Class: A++
  • Annual Energy Consumption kWs: 227
  • Frequency: 50


  • PNC: 916 099 489
  • Optional Accessories: Connection kit
  • Built-in Accessories: Drain hose, –
  • Porthole Diameter: 49
  • Product Code (PNC): 916 099 489
  • Barcode: 7332543848836
  • Condensation Tank Capacity (l): 5.32

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