Electrolux PerfectCare 700 8 kg Heat Pump Dryer

Electrolux EW7H4824EB PerfectCare 700 8 kg Heat Pump Dryer

  • Flawless performance thanks to the Dual Direction Drying feature, which can move the 118-liter large drum in both directions.
  • Touchscreen LCD display
  • Drying status indicator
  • Humidity sensor and condenser
  • Filter and water tank indicators


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Electrolux EW7H4824EB PerfectCare 700 8 kg Heat Pump Dryer

Unique Energy Savings with Heat Pump Technology

The PerfectCare 700, with its heat pump technology, offers unique energy savings and provides efficient performance thanks to its dual-direction drying system. The dual-direction drying system, which loosens the laundry, minimizes wrinkles. The GentleCare system utilizes heat efficiently, providing up to 50% heat efficiency compared to traditional drying machines.

With the SensiCare System, Electrolux PerfectCare 700 dries a small amount of laundry economically. Smart sensors detect the load, ensuring that delicate fabrics remain undamaged.

Featuring the EcoFlow filter technology with an easy-to-maintain filter, PerfectCare 700 is 80% more successful in catching lint compared to standard machines. The EcoFlow filter is easily cleaned and provides high performance with efficient energy.

For Flawless Results

With its 118-liter large drum that can move in both directions thanks to the Dual Direction Drying feature, PerfectCare 700 offers perfect performance, ensuring that laundry is dried more carefully and evenly. The Delay Start function makes life easier, allowing the drying machine to work at any time. PerfectCare 700 allows you to choose the start time of the drying process, preventing disruptions to your daily plans and schedules.

Details for Practical Use

The Electrolux PerfectCare 700 dryer promises practical use with carefully placed details at every point. Its touchscreen LCD display, drying status indicator, humidity sensor, and condenser, filter, and water tank indicators make the drying process more practical, and its smart design provides excellent control over the machine. The drying status indicators, which show three different drying conditions – wrinkle release / end of program, cooling, and drying – allow you to easily monitor the drying process. Backed by the assurance of Electrolux, which has been in operation for almost a century, the PerfectCare 700 heat pump dryer comes with a detailed user manual and warranty certificate. Offering effective performance with conductimetric humidity control and an asynchronous motor system, the PerfectCare 700 provides confidence with its steel outer body material, promising years of service.

A Century of Swedish Trust

Electrolux, headquartered in Sweden and in operation since 1919, is a large company that encompasses many global brands. The brand aims to make the lives of millions of people more enjoyable and introduces over 60 million homes to the Electrolux advantage in more than 150 different markets each year.

Technical Specifications

Energy Class: A+

Drying Capacity (kg): 8

Drying Technology: Heat Pump

Annual Energy Consumption (kWh): 309

Drum Volume (liters): 118 L

Control Panel: Mechanical

Noise Level (dB): 66

Dimensions (cm): 60 x 60 x 85

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