ELECTROLUX Pure D8 Vacuum Cleaner

ELECTROLUX PD82-ALRG Pure D8 Vacuum Cleaner

  • Energy Consumption (kWh/year): 21.8
  • Effective Radius (m): 12
  • Dust Bag Capacity (l): 3.5
  • Sound Level (dB): 57



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Product Details

The vacuuming experience is changing with Pure D8.2. SmartMode Technology, PureSound System, and the OneGo Power Clean head provide effective cleaning while delivering a smart and uniquely quiet cleaning experience.

SmartMode Technology: Automatic Power Adjustment Between Floors and Carpets

Unprecedentedly effective and intelligent vacuuming. Advanced SmartMode technology automatically detects the floor type, adjusting the suction power for the best and most effortless cleaning on all surfaces.

PureSound System: Surprisingly Quiet at 57dB(A)

The PureSound system, through a combination of insulated motor, airtightness, and a new head design, ensures that cleaning is now quiet on all types of surfaces. It allows you to clean without causing disturbances to your surroundings. Measured in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 666/2013 of July 8, 2013.

OneGo Power Clean Head for Superior Dust Collection Performance on All Floors

The entirely new OneGo Power Clean head is designed to clean all floor types superbly, with the aim of cleaning your floors in one go.

55% Recycled, 100% Durable

We have thoughtfully approached our planet and created an electric vacuum cleaner from 55% recycled materials. Pure D8.2 is a sustainable choice that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Easy Maneuvering with a Balanced Carrying Handle

Carry your electric vacuum cleaner with ease using the specially designed carrying handle. Placed at the center, the handle distributes the weight equally to both sides for balanced carrying.

  • Bagless Additional spare dust bag included in the package.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning Head The hard floor head is specifically designed to provide top-level cleaning without damaging surfaces on hard floors such as tiles, hardwood, linoleum, marble, and more.
  • Dust Bag Fill Indicator Remote-controlled suction power adjustment
  • OneGo Power Clean Head Thanks to SmartMode, it automatically adjusts the floor mode on both carpets and hard floors. Additionally, it offers minimal resistance on all surfaces with 2 large and 4 small wheels.
  • SmartMode Adjusting suction power according to the floor type provides you with effortless and uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Soft Wheels Remote control – Buttons on the handle allow you to effortlessly control the suction power without the need to bend.


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