• Quieter with Silent Air Technology™
  • We’ve Reviewed Every Detail for a Convenient Vacuuming Experience
  • FlowMotion™ 3-in-1 Mini Nozzle for Easy Cleaning of Tough Surfaces


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Specially Designed Nozzle for Low Noise on Carpets

Our specially designed vacuum nozzle has been enhanced with grooves to reduce noise on carpets. The aerodynamic design of the airflow channel, the accordion-like profile, and the high brushes reduce unpleasant noise.

Quieter with Silent Air Technology™

Innovative Silent Air Technology™ allows you to vacuum your home without disturbing anyone. The UltraOne vacuum features superior noise-insulated airflow and the FlowMotion Extreme nozzle that combines excellent dust collection with silence. With just a 66dB noise level, it combines comfort and performance.

We’ve Reviewed Every Detail for a Convenient Vacuuming Experience

The lightweight body, increased maneuverability, easy storage in your home, Multi Room System™, 3-way parking system, easy-to-replace filters, and a 12m operational radius turn UltraOne Green into a fun vacuuming experience. Additionally, it features the Allergy Plus filter for a healthier home.

FlowMotion™ 3-in-1 Mini Nozzle for Easy Cleaning of Tough Surfaces

Couches, tight corners, tricky spots. No matter what your vacuuming task, quickly switch between different needs with the FlowMotion™ 3-in-1 mini nozzle. Easily switch between the brush, crevice tool, or upholstery tool during cleaning and store it inside your vacuum cleaner when you’re done.


Cleaning Radius: A total of 12 meters of cleaning radius provides excellent maneuverability within your home. You can comfortably vacuum all rooms without changing the power outlet by selecting one located in the center of your home.

Bagged: This vacuum cleaner uses a bag-type filtration system.

Additional Spare Dust Bag: In addition to the bag pre-installed for initial use, there is an extra spare dust bag included in the package.

Hard Floor Cleaning Head: Designed for use on hard floor surfaces such as tiles, hardwood, linoleum, and marble. Ensures effective cleaning without damaging the surfaces.

Dust Bag Full Indicator: An indicator on the vacuum cleaner notifies you when it’s time to replace the dust bag.

Aluminum Telescopic Tube: A lightweight and adjustable 36mm diameter aluminum tube.

Soft Wheels: Soft wheels prevent floor scratches during cleaning and reduce noise when moving the vacuum cleaner.

FlowMotion Nozzle: FlowMotion is a premium and highly efficient nozzle designed with patented technologies for silent and seamless operation on all surfaces.


Suction Power: 220 W

Dust Bag Capacity: 5 liters

Noise Level: 66 dB(A)

Cleaning Radius: 12 meters

Maximum Airflow: 32

Dust Bag Full Indicator: Mechanical

Pickup Crevice: 113.2

Dust Pickup Carpet: 81.4


Nozzle Locking with Flow Motion: Yes

Nozzle Locking with Parketto Pro: Yes

Cleaning: 5.8

Turbo Floor Nozzle: Not available

Small Attachments:Built-in Accessories: 3in1 tool

Integrated Other Accessories: Not available

Dust Bag Type: s-bag Ultra Long Performance

Air Outlet Filter: Washable Allergy Plus filter

Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 255 x 307 x 502 mm

Cord Length: 9 meters

Bent End: Aeropro Classic

Nozzle Headlights: Not available

Tubes: Aeropro telescopic

Motor Filter: Basic motor filter

Cord Rewinder: Standard

Net Weight: 7.81 kg

Dust Bag Supply: 1+1

Hose: Aeropro 36mm

Product Feet: Covered soft feet

Front Wheels: One-way


Annual Average Energy Consumption: 30.9 kWh

Nominal Wattage: 700 W

Motor Power: 850 W


Color: Dark Blue

Electronic Display: Not available

Filter Indicator: Not available

Power Regulation: Power adjustment with a rotary knob

Product Code (PNC): 900 258 525

Barcode: 7332543776627

Technology: Bagged Vacuum

Model Description: EUOC94DB 900258525

Main Nozzle: FlowMotion (high)

Other Nozzles: AeroPro Parquet Head

Electronic Indicators: Rotary Power Control

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