FLAVEL 1090 Office-Type Refrigerator

FLAVEL 1090 Office-Type Refrigerator

  • Surprisingly Spacious Interior
  • Adjustable Internal Temperature
  • Low Energy Consumption with A Energy Class
  • Functional Reversible Door Feature


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FLAVEL 1090 Office-Type Refrigerator

Compact Size, Generous Capacity

The Flavel FLV 1090 office-type mini refrigerator model offers a surprisingly spacious interior for its size. With a 73-liter refrigeration compartment and a 12-liter freezer compartment, the appliance provides 85 liters of usable space.

Keep Your Food Safe with the Freezer Feature

Despite being a mini refrigerator, the FLV 1090 has a 12-liter freezer compartment. This space can be used to store foods that require specific storage conditions, such as red meat, chicken, and fish.

Adjustable Internal Temperature

You can easily adjust the temperature settings of your office-type refrigerator through the temperature adjustment button located inside the body.

Dedicated Compartment for Vegetables and Fruits

The features of the Flavel FLV 1090 office-type refrigerator are not very different from traditional refrigerators. Just like in household refrigerators, this model also has a special drawer for storing vegetables and fruits.

Low Energy Consumption with A Energy Class

Operating in the A energy class and with an annual average energy consumption of 133.04 kWh/a, the Flavel FLV 1090 offers a significantly lower energy consumption performance compared to traditional refrigerators.

Long-lasting Usage

As a durable household appliance, the FLV 1090 office-type refrigerator is suitable for long-term use.

Functional Reversible Door Feature

Among the features of the Flavel FLV 1090 office-type refrigerator, the functional ability to change the door direction is noteworthy. This feature provides great convenience in limited spaces like offices and makes it easier to utilize tight areas.

Special Dimensions for Under-Counter Use

With dimensions that are compatible with under-counter installation, measuring 81.8 cm in length and 47.5 cm in width, the FLV 1090 can be used comfortably in various settings.


  • Net Volume: 85 liters
  • Cooling Volume: 73 liters
  • Freezer Volume: 12 liters
  • Energy Class: A
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 133.04 kWh/a
  • Usage Type: Under Counter

Additional Features

  • Reversible Door Direction
  • Internal Temperature Adjustment
  • Vegetable and Fruit Compartment


  • Height: 81.8 cm
  • Width: 47.5 cm
  • Depth: 50 cm

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