Hoover Black Built-in Oven

Hoover HO446A/6BXP Black Built-in Oven

  • Multifunctional
  • 8 Different Cooking Functions: Bottom Heating
  • Hydroclean Cleaning System
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Cool Glass Door
  • Recessed Buttons
  • Telescopic Shelves.


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Hoover HO446A/6BXP Black Built-in Oven

The Hoover HO 446/6 BXP Black Built-in Oven is a marvel designed to make your kitchen tasks easier and create delicious meals. This multifunctional built-in oven offers the following features:

– 8 different cooking functions: Bottom heating, conventional cooking + fan, conventional cooking, top heating + fan, grill, grill + fan, defrosting, pizza, and turbo fan.
– Easy cleaning thanks to the Hydroclean Cleaning System.
– User-friendly operation with a digital LCD display.
– Safe usage with a cool glass door.
– Recessed buttons and telescopic shelves make it even more practical to use.
– Its black color offers a modern and stylish design.
– Accessories include 2 stainless steel wire racks with 35mm and 15mm cooking trays.
– Fingerprint-resistant feature makes cleaning even easier.
– It is in the A energy efficiency class, providing energy savings.
– With a wide service network, it offers quick support and service.

The Hoover HO 446/6 BXP Black Built-in Oven makes cooking a joyful and efficient experience, becoming an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

Out of stock.

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