HOOVER HOAT Built-in Oven

HOOVER HOAT 3150 WI/E Built-in Oven

  • Capacity (L): 80 liters.
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/Cycle): 0.98 kWh/Cycle.
  • Width (cm): 59.5 cm.
  • Number of Programs: 8.
  • Installation Type: Built-in.
  • Energy Class: A.


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Hoover HOAT 3150 WI/E Built-in Oven: A New Era in the Kitchen

The Hoover HOAT 3150 WI/E Built-in Oven is poised to become an essential addition to modern kitchens. Its stylish and functional design, combined with high performance, elevates your cooking experience to the next level. Here’s more information about this fantastic built-in oven:

Large Interior Capacity (80 L): The generous interior space allows you to comfortably cook large meals. Whether it’s for special gatherings or family dinners, this oven lets you prepare your dishes just the way you want.

Electric Performance: The Hoover HOAT 3150 WI/E operates entirely on electricity, providing a reliable and precise cooking experience. It quickly and consistently delivers the desired heat.

Energy-Efficient: Prioritizing energy savings, this oven is an eco-friendly choice, consuming only 0.98 kWh of energy per cycle.

Stylish and Harmonious Design: Its white color effortlessly complements any kitchen decor. The built-in design adds a modern and organized touch to your kitchen.

Various Cooking Programs: With 8 different cooking programs, you can prepare your meals exactly as you like. It’s an ideal option for both traditional recipes and experimenting with innovative flavors.

No Gas Burner: For safety and ease of use, this oven doesn’t have a gas burner.

User-Friendly: The Hoover HOAT 3150 WI/E Built-in Oven is extremely easy to use. You can prepare your dishes perfectly by adjusting the settings to your needs.

Adequate Size: With a width of 59.5 cm and a depth of 57.0 cm, it provides ample space on your kitchen counter.

Energy Class A: The A energy class promotes energy savings and reduces your long-term energy costs.

Cooking with the Hoover HOAT 3150 WI/E Built-in Oven will become more enjoyable and efficient. With its modern features, stylish design, and energy-efficient nature, this built-in oven will transform your kitchen. It’s an ideal companion for preparing creative meals.

  • olume (L): 80 liters.
  • Stove Type: Electric.
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/Cycle): 0.98 kWh/Cycle.
  • Color: White.
  • Gas Burner: No.
  • Width (cm): 59.5 cm.
  • Number of Programs: 8.
  • Electric Burner: No.
  • Installation Type: Built-in.
  • Height (cm): 59.5 cm.
  • Depth (cm): 57.0 cm.
  • Energy Class: A.

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