PHILIPS Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

PHILIPS XC7043/01 Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

Super Fast. Super Clean.

  • 360° suction head
  • 25.2V, up to 65 minutes of runtime
  • 2-in-1: upright and handheld vacuum
  • TurboPet Head


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PHILIPS XC7043/01 Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

360° suction head captures dust and dirt from every direction

The 360° suction head collects dust and dirt with each pass. It maintains its performance even when moving backward and in the corners of your home.

PowerBlade motor provides high airflow (>1000 l/min)

The PowerBlade, which offers 360° suction performance in the head, is a specially developed digital motor that delivers exceptional high airflow (>1000 l/min). Register the product on within 3 months of purchase and take advantage of a 5-year free motor warranty!

PowerCyclone 8: Our powerful bagless technology

Our powerful bagless electric vacuum cleaner technology, PowerCyclone 8, is now used in our cordless vertical vacuums to deliver longer-lasting, higher suction performance.

Up to 65 minutes of cleaning time with 25V Lithium-ion batteries

High-performance 25.2V lithium-ion batteries provide up to 65 minutes of operation in Eco mode, 30 minutes in normal mode, and 21 minutes in Turbo mode with a single charge.

Triple filtration system for longer-lasting higher airflow

The triple filtration system ensures that only clean air enters the motor, resulting in longer-lasting higher airflow.

Smart digital display shows speed and battery usage

The smart digital display shows the speed and battery usage. It also notifies you when it’s time to clean the filter.

LED nozzle reveals hidden dust and dirt

Thanks to the LED lights on the SpeedPro Max head, you can easily spot and clean dust, fur, hair, and crumbs. The LED head even reveals invisible dirt.

Quickly reach under low furniture

The SpeedPro Max is flexible and easy to maneuver. Its top-mounted dustbin allows for lower angles of use and easy access under low furniture.

Unique dustbin design prevents dust from spreading during emptying

The vacuum’s dustbin can be easily removed and emptied hygienically without spreading dust.

Integrated handheld unit, crevice cleaning head, and brush

You can easily use the accessories with a single touch. Transform the SpeedPro Max into a 2-in-1 device with the removable handheld unit. The brush attachment is integrated into the tube for your convenience.

Technical Specifications

Headings and Accessories

Built-in Accessories

  • AC Power Adapter
  • Integrated Brush
  • Wall Mount Bracket

Standard Head

  • 360° Suction Head

Additional Head

  • Motorized Turbo Brush



  • Metallic Red

Weight and Dimensions

Product Weight

  • 2.73 kg



  • 90% recyclable material

User Manual

  • 100% recyclable paper


Battery Type

  • Lithium-ion

Sound Power Level

  • 84 dB

Battery Voltage

  • 25.2 volts

Charging Time

  • 5 hours


  • 65 minutes

Runtime (Turbo)

  • 21 minutes

Airflow (max)

  • 1000 l/min


Dust Capacity

  • 0.6 L

Motor Filter

  • Washable Filter

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