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SAMSUNG QE65Q70CAT 65″ QLED 4K Q70C LED TV is an excellent choice that takes home entertainment to the next level. This impressive television offers stunning 4K resolution and advanced QLED technology, providing exceptional picture quality. As a result, everything you watch comes to life on the screen with vivid and detailed visuals.

Thanks to Quantum Dot technology, it delivers 100% color volume, creating a vivid and rich color display. Additionally, Quantum HDR enhances the high dynamic range (HDR) experience, and with HDR 10+, it offers more brightness and contrast, making each scene more impressive.

The 65-inch large screen provides a cinematic experience that draws you in. Dual LED technology ensures more contrast and brightness. Brightness detection perfectly adjusts the screen’s brightness and colors, making every moment appear vibrant and clear.

SAMSUNG QE65Q70CAT also offers smart TV features. With Smart Hub, you can easily access your favorite applications and content. It also provides a multi-device experience, allowing seamless connectivity between your TV and your smartphone or vice versa.

Sound quality is not overlooked either. Adaptive sound optimizes your audio experience, and Object Tracking Sound (OTS Lite) envelops your surroundings with sound. With the Q-Symphony feature, the television harmonizes its own speakers for a compatible sound experience.

Moreover, this television’s elegant design adds sophistication to any room. With its slim frame and sleek structure, it provides a modern appearance. Easy setup features enable a quick start.

SAMSUNG QE65Q70CAT also supports cloud services like Microsoft 365, allowing you to combine work and entertainment. The NFT feature serves as a gateway, providing more connectivity options.

This television also includes useful features like an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and ConnectShare™. Additionally, it allows content recording with the extended PVR feature.

In conclusion, SAMSUNG QE65Q70CAT 65″ QLED 4K Q70C LED TV elevates home entertainment with its picture and sound quality, smart features, and stylish design. With this television, you can enjoy your favorite content on a bigger and better screen.

Quantum Processor 4K Beyond Intelligent Images and Sounds

The Quantum Processor 4K takes you to a breathtaking experience by optimizing images, sounds, and various components.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ Enhanced Motion in 4K at 120 Hz

Now, it doesn’t matter how fast your enemies are. With a 4K 120 Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy an ultra-smooth gaming experience without delay or motion blur.

Quantum HDR Cinematic Scale Wide Contrast Range

Experience the details that stand out in every image. HDR10+’s dynamic tone mapping feature always provides vibrant images and deeper blacks.

Smart Hub Discover Favorite Content in One Place

Optimize content selection and discovery; spend more time with your favorite movies, games, and series while spending less time searching for content.


With the first TV approved by PANTONE, a reliable symbol of color accuracy worldwide, you can now enjoy a more accurate and comfortable viewing experience.

Eye Comfort Mode

Screen brightness and colors are automatically adjusted according to local sunset and sunrise hours to make relaxation and rest easier.

100% Color Intensity with Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots convert light into breathtaking colors that preserve realism at all brightness levels, providing the best image quality we’ve ever offered.

Dual LED

An innovative backlight technology that optimizes backlight color to match the content you’re watching, providing more distinct contrasts.

Sound OTS Lite 3D Surround Sound with Virtual Top Channel Sounds

Three-dimensional surround sound that comes together with virtual top channel sounds ensures a fully immersive sound experience.


By harmonizing sounds with its own speakers, the Q-Symphony feature enriches your sound experience.

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