ŞIMART Smart Socket


ŞIMART Smart Socket


The Şımart Smart Socket is a money-saving and convenience-enhancing smart home product that can be controlled via a mobile application through Wi-Fi connectivity, featuring timed and scheduled on-off functions.

Freedom of Remote On/Off via Smartphone App

The ability to know how much electricity your electronic devices consume

Real-time tracking with synchronization

Effortless usage with timer and scheduling features

Shared control for all household members

Advanced security system

Voice control via Google Assistant


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ŞIMART Smart Socket

Save with Şımart Smart Socket

With the smart outlet that helps you make monthly electricity plans, you can save on your electricity bill. Additionally, you can remotely control electronic devices within your home while you’re away, saving on electricity usage.

You Decide When Electronic Devices Will Operate

You can prevent unwanted surprises with the smart outlet suitable for use in every corner of your home. You can use it safely by your bedside or in your bathroom.

Safety with Smart Socket

Thanks to its current protection feature and superior materials, your smart outlet is much more durable against potential electrical leaks compared to normal outlets. This not only saves you money but also protects your home.

Track Your Consumption

Through the Şımart application, where you can connect your smart outlet, you can see how much electricity each electronic device consumes and track your weekly and monthly electricity expenses. With the timer feature, you can use your devices at specific time intervals to prevent problems with your bills.

Control Together with Shared Management

You can control your smart outlet with multiple family members. If someone leaves the house in a hurry and forgets to turn off the devices, other family members can access and turn them off. Provides a secure space for you and your loved ones

Voice Control for Smart Socket

You can control your smart outlet through Google Assistant. By giving commands like ‘Turn off the TV’ or ‘Start the kettle,’ you can freely manage your home.

Smart Device-Friendly

The smart outlet connects seamlessly with other Şımart smart devices in your home, allowing them to work together. This way, you can create interconnected scenarios with your smart devices. For example, you can program actions like ‘When I turn on my smart outlet, turn on my smart bulb’ to simplify your life.



Model: CBE007

Rated Voltage: 100V-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz

Rated Current: 16A (Maximum)

Maximum Power: 1600W

Material: PC

Width: 5cm

Length: 5cm

Height: 8cm

Support System: Android & iOS

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