TEKA Hel Lux Black Glass Built-In Cooktop

Teka Hel Lux 60 4G Aı Al L Black Glass Built-In Cooktop

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
  • Cooktop Type: Gas
  • Number of Burners: 4 Gas Burners
  • Cooktop Surface: Glass
  • Ignition Type: Knob-Controlled (Knob Ignition)


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VİNOLA 7020.01 Black Glass Built-In Cooktop is a product that combines aesthetic appeal and high performance for modern kitchens. Here’s a more detailed product description in American English:

The VİNOLA 7020.01 Black Glass Built-In Cooktop offers a sophisticated design and outstanding performance for your kitchen. Here are the standout features of this remarkable appliance:

  • Black Glass Surface: This built-in cooktop adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your kitchen with its sleek black glass surface.
  • 4-Zone Cooktop: The VİNOLA 7020.01 comes with 4 separate cooking zones, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously and save time.
  • Touch Control Panel: The easy-to-use touch control panel provides precise temperature adjustments, giving you complete control over your cooking.
  • 9 Heat Levels: With 9 different heat levels, you can tailor your cooking to perfection. Adjust temperature settings to customize your culinary creations.
  • Digital Heat Indicator: The cooktop features a digital heat indicator that enables real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Child Lock: Prioritizing safety, the VİNOLA 7020.01 is equipped with a child lock, preventing accidental changes to the cooktop settings by young children.
  • Rapid Heating and Booster Function: The rapid heating feature quickly heats your cookware, allowing you to cook your meals faster. Additionally, the booster function delivers extra power for dishes that require it.

The VİNOLA 7020.01 Black Glass Built-In Cooktop adds elegance to your kitchen and simplifies your cooking tasks. With its modern design and advanced features, this cooktop is set to become your kitchen’s best companion.

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