VİNOLA Black 60 CM 4-Burner Glass Built-In Cooktop 60 CM

VİNOLA 6172-15 Black 60 CM 4-Burner Glass Built-In Cooktop 60 CM

  • Cooking: Convection
  • Capacity (l): 57
  • Color: Fingerprint-resistant inox
  • Electronic Functions: Acoustic signal, Cooking time, End of program, Time setting, Time display
  • Temperature Selection Range: 50°C – 250°C
  • Cleaning: Catalytic


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SurroundCook® Cooking Technology: With a high-performance fan and a turbo ring heater, it envelops the cooking tray with hot air, ensuring that your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly. It provides perfect flavor in each slice without the need to rotate or change the tray’s position.

Product Advantages:

MultiLevelCooking for Cooking on Multiple Levels at Once: MultiLevelCooking Technology enables cooking on two levels with equal distribution of hot air. There’s no need to change the tray positions or rotate them. Catalytic Cleaning, Self-Cleaning Oven: Catalytic Cleaning technology automatically cleans your oven, eliminating the need to clean up oil and residue. LED Timer Display for Precise Settings: The LED timer display makes it easy to control the oven and set precise cooking times. Uniform Cooking for Consistent Flavor in Every Slice: The uniform cooking system fully wraps your cooking tray, ensuring that every slice has the same flavor. Grilling for Golden Results: The grill function helps you achieve perfect results for crispy dishes, particularly ideal for chicken wings and halloumi cheese.

  • Homogeneous heat distribution with circular heating element turbo fan
  • Energy class:
  • Cooking functions: Lower heating position, Fan + light, Fan + top + grill + bottom, Grill position, Grill + top, Grill + top + fan, Light, Fan cooking position, Conventional cooking
  • AntiFingerprint inox-look surface
  • Ability to bake 2 trays at the same time in turbo fan mode
  • Thermotimer oven control
  • Recessed buttons
  • Electronic functions: Acoustic signal, Cooking time, End of program, Time setting, Time display
  • Catalytic cleaning system preventing dirt buildup on the surface
  • Complete glass door inner surface and easily removable inner door glass for cleaning
  • Cooling fan
  • Trays: 1 enamel tray, 1 enamel drip tray
  • Grills: 1 chrome-plated grill shelf

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