Vinola Mog.7610.02 Built-in Fireplace

Vinola Mog.7610.02

  • 70 cm, 5-burner gas stainless steel cooker
  • Enamel grates
  • Front-controlled
  • With a WOK burner
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic gas shut-off
  • Compatible with natural gas
  • Convertible to LPG without modification



Ürün Hakkında Hemen Bilgi Al !

Vinola Mog.7610.02 Built-in Fireplace

A Different January Experience
This special product, which is an elegant reflection of today’s aesthetic understanding on the January
both as it fits perfectly into your kitchen and also makes cooking easier and more practical
he will make it. Thanks to its advanced features, it makes your daily life easier.

Stylish and Elegant Design
This one, which has been developed for those who prefer that the January for their kitchen should also be in a separate elegance
the special product will fully harmonize with all other kitchen utensils. Elegant covering your eyes
the grill system, on the other hand, keeps the pots in the best possible way, while on the one hand it is more convenient to cook
it makes it enjoyable.

Safe System
Thanks to the gas safety system against extinguishing or overflows, cooking is more
it makes it safe. In cases where the gas is cut off due to extinction or overflow, turn the January back on
it is necessary to adjust and the gas flow is stopped. Therefore, the security of the entire house against the risks

Effortless Cleaning Is Carried Out
It makes cooking easier during cooking, as well as usage at the same time
and then to be able to do easier and effortless cleaning thanks to its special surface
provides. Thus, cooking becomes an effortless situation, making the surface
the stains on it come off easily.

Strong Heat Dissipation
Balanced heating of containers by providing the best flame output for all eyes
it is provided. By distributing the heat evenly over the surface of the container, all the food on the surface of the container is the same
allows it to be cooked in time

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