Vinola White Built-In Cooktop

Vinola 7120-03 White Built-In Stove

  • Dimensions: 70 cm
  • Grill Type: Cast Iron Grill
  • Material: Black
  • Series: Gas


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Vinola 7120-03 White Built-In Cooktop is designed to offer an exceptional kitchen experience. Here are the key features of this built-in stove:

Dimensions: 70 cm – It provides a perfect fit on your kitchen countertop, offering a wide range of cooking options.

Grill Type: Cast Iron Grill – High-quality cast iron grates provide an ideal surface for perfect grill marks and delicious meals.

Material: Black – The stylish and durable black color complements your kitchen decor and ensures long-lasting use.

Series: Gas – The powerful gas combustion system offers quick heating and precise temperature control, enabling you to cook your meals perfectly.

Vinola 7120-03 White Built-In Cooktop is designed to transform cooking in the kitchen into an enjoyable experience. With its high-quality materials and modern design, this built-in stove assists you in preparing a wide variety of recipes perfectly.

4 gas burners. Cast iron pan supports. Underknob auto-ignition. Natural Gas (NG) and LPG options.

Gas Burners:

1 Rapid burner: 3000W power. 2 Semi-Rapid burners: Each with 1750W power. 1 Auxiliary burner: 1000W power.

Optional Features:

Flame Failure Device (FFD). Italian Sabaf burners. Beveled edge glass. Coffee adapter. Metal knobs.

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