ZekiBey Group of Companies was established in 1997. ZekiBey Group of Companies, which has hosted many companies and sectors, has simplified and turned to the white goods and electronics sector in order to provide better service in its sector.

Our innovative company, which continues its development, continues its R&D studies with more than 30 patented products. Our company, which has achieved a successful line, has always pursued the public interest and served the public. It played an important role in the development of both import-export and domestic economy.

Today, ZekiBey is the distributor of internationally successful companies. It also provides services in the fields of import and spot export under its own brands.

ZekiBey company, which has a young and dynamic team, directs the white goods and electronics market of the future together with its business partners. ZekiBey increases its market share by valuing the products of the companies it represents at least as much as its own products.


  • To achieve exemplary works and to be an exemplary company with our exemplary trade,
  • Keeping customer satisfaction always at the forefront,
  • Expanding our customer portfolio and establishing long-term commercial ties,
  • To have power in the market with the right price policy,
  • To reach all the countries of the world and to make our brand a world brand.
  • To produce quality and affordable products at all times,
  • With our exports; Contributing to the Turkish economy,
  • With our imports; To bring affordable and quality products to Turkey,
  • To be a prominent brand in our sector with its quality all over the world.