Fakir Rubra Toaster Turquoise

  • Defrost Function
  • Stop Function
  • 2 bread slice capacity
  • Crumb tray


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With the Fakir Rubra Bread Toaster in Turquoise, your toasted bread is ready to accompany your quick breakfasts. Whether it’s before heading to work on weekdays or whenever you crave it, you can easily toast your bread with a single touch using this product, which is preferred for its high performance. This product, which operates on a completely automatic principle, even toasts your stale bread within minutes, preventing waste.

Ergonomic Use and Stylish Design Combined

Thanks to its wide slots, the Fakir Rubra Bread Toaster can even heat baked goods like toast and pastries. With this feature, you can use it as a heater as well, and it won’t take up much space in your kitchen thanks to its ergonomic design and cord storage slot. The bread lift feature safely removes your toast from the machine after it’s toasted. The Fakir Rubra Bread Toaster comes with a crumb tray. After your process is finished and the device has cooled down, you can easily remove and clean the crumb tray.

The Fakir Rubra Bread Toaster doesn’t require manual intervention after the toasting process is complete. It has an automatic pop-up system, so when your tasks are done, your toast pops up, and the device turns off. With its heat adjustment feature, you can heat or toast your bread or pastries at the desired temperature. It thaws and toasts your forgotten frozen pastries within minutes. You can also reheat previously toasted bread with the reheating button, which the device handles safely without burning your bread, allowing you to consume it in a healthy way. Even with dry and stale bread, this product provides superior performance, saving you time and preventing bread waste. Thanks to its wide slots, you can even heat baked goods like toast and pastries, making it a versatile kitchen appliance. Its ergonomic design and cord storage slot help it take up minimal space in your kitchen.

Defrost Function: Yes

Stop Function: Yes

Bread Slice Capacity: 2

Power (W): 980

Heat Adjustment: Yes

Cord Storage Slot: Yes

Crumb Tray: Yes

Reheat Function: Yes

In stock

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