SABA 65-inch 165 Screen Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

SABA SB65350 65-inch 165 Screen Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

  • Quality and Realistic Picture – 4K Ultra HD
  • TV + Internet + Applications – Android Smart TV
  • Perfect Harmony – 65-inch 165 Screen and 20W Sound Feature


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SABA SB65350 65-inch 165 Screen Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Large Screen, Realistic Experience

SABA SB65350 combines image quality with a modern design concept, taking your TV-watching experience to a whole new level. With its 4K Ultra HD resolution and 20W (10W+10W) sound feature, the device offers a top-tier viewing experience. You’ll find yourself completely immersed in the content like never before.

Smart, Enjoyable, Rich

The Android Smart TV feature of the device allows you to access content beyond regular TV channels. With SABA SB65350, which offers various content alternatives beyond standard television, you can make your time at home more enjoyable. Enjoy content from video and music streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify with Android Smart TV!

Built-in Wi-Fi

Since the advent of wireless internet, technology in our lives has undergone significant changes. The days of needing landlines to connect to the internet at home or in the office are long gone. In today’s world where all technologies are becoming mobile, wireless internet access is not limited to smartphones alone. Televisions are now included in this privilege. Moreover, it’s high time to forget about extra cables and adapters! Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi feature, your TV can easily connect to wireless networks without the need for an external device. You just need to enter the Wi-Fi password from your TV’s settings, and you can surf the internet as you please.

Android TV

With the advancement of technology, our lives are transforming along with the devices we use. Smart devices play a leading role in this transformation. Not only in phones but also in televisions, the smart era has begun. Android TV, developed by Google, brings the Android operating system to your television. This allows easy access to various applications such as Netflix, Google Play, and YouTube with just a single button on your TV. With Android TV, which can be controlled using devices like phones and tablets, all programs, movies, streaming services, apps, and games are at your fingertips. Additionally, this technology offers recommendations based on your favorite programs and other activities.

Main Features

  • Screen Size: 65 inches / 165 Screen
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Display Resolution: 3840×2160 (Pixels)
  • Video Format: 4K Ultra HD
  • Built-in Satellite Receiver: Yes
  • HDR Features: HDR10

Connections / Interfaces

  • HDMI Inputs: 3 Ports
  • USB Inputs (Keyboard/Mouse – Media Player): 2 Ports
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: Yes

Audio Features

  • Audio Output: 20W (10W+10W)

Multimedia Features

  • Number of Processor Cores: 4
  • Smart TV: Yes
  • Smart TV Features: Android
  • 3D: No


  • VGA-AV-YPbPr-Ethernet Inputs: Yes
  • Headphone-Coaxial Audio Outputs: Yes
  • PC Audio Audio Input: Yes


  • DVB-T2 / C Broadcast Support: Yes

Multimedia Features

  • Built-in Storage: 8 GB ROM, 1.5 GB RAM

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